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Amprobe AM-160-A

1000V TRMS AC/DC Digital Multimeter with Optical PC Interface and Dual Temperature

Brand: Amprobe
Model No: AM-160-A
MPN: 3730036
Our Model No: AM160A
Condition: NEW
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Product Features:

  • True-rms
  • Measurements: voltage up to 1000V AC/DC, resistance, AC/DC current, frequency, capacitance, duty cycle
  • Optical isolated PC interface capability
  • Crest (peak hold), max, min, max-min, recording
  • Auto and manual ranging
  • Intelligent auto power off
  • Data hold
  • Relative zero mode
  • Audible and visual warning against improper plug-in
  • DC loop current 4-20mA
  • dBm reading with 20 selectable impedance values
  • Backlight display
  • Large, easy to read large LCD display
  • High speed analog bar graph
  • Diode test
  • 4-20mA DC loop current
  • Audible continuity

The Amprobe AM-160-A is a precision true RMS digital multimeter that offers more features and better accuracy at a great price.

The AM160A measures AC/DC voltage to 1000V, precise true-rms, accuracy to 0.02%, frequency, capacitance, duty cycle, dual temperature, analog bar graph, and PC interface. The Amprobe AM-160-A multimeter also features auto and manual ranging, data hold, audible and visual warning against improper plug-in, a DC loop current 4-20mA, a high speed analog bar graph and large backlit display. The Amprobe AM-160-A is a versatile instrument with all the features you need and is CAT IV 600V, CAT III 1000V saftey rated.

Why you need a True-RMS Reading Multimeter

True-RMS instruments are accurate on any AC waveform. There are two basic AC measuring systems. One is "average sensing, RMS indicating." This is the most common system because it is affordable and easy to manufacture. An instrument with this type of measuring system measures the average of a sine wave, and then multiplies it by 1.112, allowing the instrument to indicate RMS. This measuring system is only accurate on sine waves.

The second measuring method is called "RMS Sensing, RMS Indicating." An instrument with this type of measuring system computes the RMS value of the measured waveform (sine or otherwise). This is referred to as "True-RMS" reading. This measuring system is accurate for any waveform. When an average sensing instrument is used on a non-sinusoidal waveform, measurement accuracy could be off as much as 50%. Since you may not know what type of AC waveform you are measuring, a True-RMS instrument should be used whenever possible.

  • 1 - Battery (installed)
  • 1 - users manual
  • 1 - test leads
  • 1 - type-K thermocouple
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