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Amprobe MGX1A-200, and MGX1A-400,
 Motor Guards,

  • Protect 3 phase motor from loss of the power, low voltage, phase reversal and voltage unbalance
  • Adjustable voltage settings
  • Trip/Reset delays avoid nuisance tripping
  • Prevents motor restart until fault is cleared
  • Works with 60 and 50Hz motors
  • Low voltage (% of set point): trip 90%, reset 93%
  • Voltage Unbalance: trip 6%, reset 4.5%

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Product Information
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Ground Resistance

Range (Ω) Resolution (Ω) Accuracy
3-Phase Line Voltage (specify Range) 200 to 400V
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Low Voltage trip level will be 1 to 2% lower at 50Hz

Operating Points

Low Voltage
(% of set point)
Trip 90%
Reset 93%
Voltage Unbalance Trip 6%
Reset 4.5%
Trip Delay Time Low Voltage 4 seconds
Unbalance & Phasing 2 Seconds
Reset delay Time After a fault 2 Seconds
From a complete power Loss 5 Seconds
Output Contact Rating (pilot Duty) SPDT 480 VA @ 240 VAC
Transient Protection (internal) 2500 V for 10m Seconds
Repeat Accuracy
(Fixed Conditions)
Power Consumption 5 Watts (max.)
Weight 14 Oz.
Ordering Information
Model Description Buy Online List Price
MGX1A200 Amprobe MGX1A-200 200V, 1A Three Phase Motor Protector  Discontinued
MGX1A400 Amprobe MGX1A-400 400V, 1A Three Phase Motor Protector  Discontinued
MGX4A400 Amprobe MGX4A-400 400V, 4A Three Phase Motor Protector Discontinued
MGX4A600 Amprobe MGX4A-600 600V, 4A Three Phase Motor Protector Discontinued