Amprobe EARTH-TEST Telaris
Earth Resistance Tester

  • Earth resistance measurement
  • Specific earth resistance measurement
  • The integrated constant current measurement principle allows the application in sandy as well in rocky environments
  • Monitoring and display of auxiliary earth and probe resistances
  • Displays the actual test current
  • Automatic and manual and frequency selection for noise reduction
  • Test voltage pre-selection
  • Clear and large digital display provides the user with an optimum visual indication of both test values and limits
  • Auto power off
  • Specific earth resistance measurement in compliance with the Wenner principle
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Product Information
Datasheet 245 KB PDF
Manual 367 KB PDF
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The Telaris Earth-Test can test the ability of soil and grounding connection to conduct electricity and provide an electrical reference point. Good soil conductivity is needed to limit static electricity charge in potentially flammable situations and minimize the voltage difference between power return and earth ground for personal safety. Resistance testing is done by 2 wire, 3 wire or 4 wire testing methods.
Dispaly 3 digit; LCD; 1999 Count
Meas. Principle Constant voltage / variable current measurement
Earth Resistance Range 0.05 to 19.99 Ω; 20 to 199.9 Ω; 200 to 1999 Ω
Resolution 0.01 Ω; 0.1 Ω; 1 Ω
Tolerance ±(4% rdg. + 2 digits)
Probe-aux. resistance Range 0.1 to 50 kΩ
Resolution 0.1 kΩ
Tolerance ±(10% rdg. + 3 digits)
Test Current Display Ranges 0.1 to 13 mA
Resolution 0.1 mA
Tolerance ±(10% rdg. + 3 digits)
Max. Test Current approx. 12 mA
Test Voltage max. 25 V / 50 V AC selectable
Frequency 127 Hz / 140 Hz selectable
Safety Complying with EN61010-1/DIN VDE 0411, EN61557-1,5/DIN VDE 0413
Overvoltage category CAT III / 300 V
Pollution Degree 2
Power Supply 6 x 1.5 V(AA), IEC LR6
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MFR ID: 3087226
Amprobe EARTH-TEST Telaris Earth Resistance Tester Discontinued
Included Accessories
  • 6 - 1.5V batteries
  • 1 - Instruction Manual