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Amprobe ACD-30P and ACD-31P
1000A Clamp-on Power Meter


  • TRMS sensing
  • AutoVA - Auto Selection of AC Volts, DC Volts or AC Amps
  • AC/DC Voltage up to 600V, AC Current up to 1000A, Resistance, Frequency
  • Active (W), Reactive (VAR) and Apparent (VA) Power with dual-display Power Factor readout
  • Optional PC interface capability
  • Audible continuity
  • Auto power off
  • Automatic polarity
  • Low battery indication
  • Peak hold
  • Data hold
  • Large, easy to read LCD display
  • Accommodates conductors up to 1.77" (45mm) in diameter
  • Carrying case, test leads, batteries (installed), and manual included
  • Voltage overload protection for all functions up to 600V AC/DC

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Product Information
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Features ACD-30P ACD-31P Basic Accuracy
TRMS Measurement Yes --
AC Current 40.0 / 400.0 / 1000A  ±(1.0% Rdg + 5 LSD) @ 50 / 60Hz
DC Voltage 600.0V ±(0.5% Rdg + 5 LSD)
AC Voltage 600.0V ±(0.5% Rdg + 5 LSD) @ 50 / 60Hz
Resistance 999.9 Ohms ±(1.0% Rdg + 6 LSD)
Frequency 5.00 Hz to 500.0 Hz ±(0.5% Rdg + 4 LSD)
Active Power (W) 0 to 600.0 kW ±(2.0% Rdg + 6 LSD) @ Harmonics
Fund to 10th & PF > 0.7
Reactive Power (VAR) 0 to 600.0 kVAR ±(2.0% Rdg + 6 LSD) @ Harmonics
Fund to 10th & PF > 0.7
Apparent Power (VA) 0 to 600.0 kVA ±(2.0% Rdg + 6 LSD) @ Harmonics
Fund to 10th
Power Factor 0.10 to 0.99 ±3 LSD) @ Harmonics Fund to 21th
Temperature -- -58 F to 572 F
(-50 C to 300 C)
±(2.0% Rdg + 6F)
±(2.0% Rdg + 3C)

General Specifications

Power Function 1 per second nominal Voltage, ACA clamp-on, Ohm, Hz & Temperature functions: 4 per second nominal
Polarity Automatic
Low Battery Below approx. 2.4V
Operating Temperature 0°C to 40°C
Relative Humidity Maximum relative humidity80% for temperature up to 31°C decreasing linearly to 50% relative humidity at 40°C
Altitude Operating below 2000m
Storage Temperature -20°C to 60°C, < 80%R.H. (with battery removed)
Temperature Coefficient Nominal 0.15 x (specified accuracy)/ °C @(0°C -18°C or28°C -40°C), or otherwise specified
Sensing True RMS sensing for all models
Safety Meets IEC61010-2-032 (1994),EN61010-2-032(1995), UL3111-2-032(1999
Measurement Category III 600 Volts ac & dc
Transient protection 6.5kV (1.2/50µs surge) for all models
Pollution degree 2
E.M.C. Meets EN61326(1997, 1998/A1),EN61000-4-2(1995), and EN61000-4-3(1996)an RF field of 3V/m:
Total Accuracy = Specified Accuracy + 45 digits erformance above 3V/m is not specified
Overload Protections ACA Clamp-on jaws: AC1000Arms continuous + & COM terminals (all functions): 600VDC/VAC RMS
Power Supply: standard 1.5V AAA Size (NEDA24Aor IEC LR03) battery X 2
HM & Temperature functions 4mA typical
APO Timing Idle for 17 minutes
Physical Size Dimension L224mm X W78mm X H40mm
Weight 224 gm approx
Jaw opening & Conductor diameter: 45mm max
Special features Backlight display (model ACD-31P& ACD-41PQ only); AutoVATM( Auto Selection on ACV, DCV or ACA functions); Power measurement of selectable W, VAR, & VA with dual-display Total Power Factor features; Total harmonic distortion THD% -F (model ACD-41PQ only); PEAK-rms HOLD
Electrical Specifications Accuracy is ±(% reading digits + number of dig-its) or otherwise specified, at 23 oC ±5 oC less than 75% R.H. & True RMS (all models) ACV & ACA clamp-on accuracies are specified from 0% to 100% of range or otherwise specified. Maximum Crest Factor is as specified below, and with frequency spectrums, besides fundamentals, fall within the meter specified AC bandwidth for non-sinusoidal waveforms. Fundamentals are specified at 50Hz and 60Hz.
Ordering Information
Model Description Buy Online List Price
ACD30P Amprobe ACD-30P 1000A Clamp-on Power Meter Discontinued
ACD31P Amprobe ACD-31P 1000A Clamp-on Power Meter with Temperature Discontinued
See: ACD41PQ
Included Accessories
  • Test leads
  • Batteries
  • Carrying Case
  • Instruction Manual
Optional Accessories
RS-232 KIT2
MFR ID: 2733445
Amprobe RS-232 KIT2 Data Recording System for Digital Multimeters or Clamp-ons Discontinued
DKTA620 Amprobe DKTA-620 Single to Dual Temperature Adapter Discontinued
TPK56 Amprobe TPK-56 Bead Type-K Thermocouple Discontinued
MFR ID: 3034444
Amprobe TL36A Test Lead set w/ Threaded Alligator Clips Buy Now Sale $13.01
(Reg. $14.95)
Replacement Parts (Included with Product)
MFR ID: 2733170
Amprobe MTL-90B Set of Test Leads with Alligator Clips Buy Now Sale $17.36
(Reg. $19.95)
MFR ID: 2733660
Amprobe TPK-59 Thermocouple Accessory Buy Now Sale $17.36
(Reg. $19.95)