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Amprobe AT-7000-T

Advanced Wire Tracing Transmitter with LCD For AT-7000 Series

Brand: Amprobe
Model No: AT-7000-T
MPN: 4313893
Our Model No: AT7000T
Condition: NEW
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Product Features:

  • Three power modes "high," "low," and "clamp"
  • Two output frequencies (6 kHz and 33 kHz)
  • CAT IV 600 V Measurement Category
  • For use with Amprobe AT7000 Advanced Wire Tracers

The Amprobe AT-7000-T features three power modes "high," "low," and "clamp" and two output frequencies (6kHz and 33 kHz). The AT-7000-T incorporates the best technologies available for optimal wire tracing and breaker identification on both energized and de-energized circuits. The AT-7000-T automatically sets the frequency based on detected voltage, and prompts the user to set the power level based on their application. The color TFT LCD screen displays the detected voltage, frequency output and power mode.

When there's no access to bare conductors, use the SC-7000 signal clamp to induce a signal into either energized or de-energized circuits for wire tracing and load locating. The AT-7000-T transmitter's "clamp" mode provides a boosted 6 kHz signal through the clamp to further improve accuracy and performance.

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