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Amprobe S2600-A

Load Signal Generator for AT-2000-A Series Wire Tracers

Brand: Amprobe
Model No: S2600-A
MPN: 4425277
Our Model No: S2600A
Condition: NEW
Sale $269.96

Product Features:

  • Replacement load signal generator
  • No battery required for operation
  • Works for the AT-2000-A series Wire and Cable Tracers

The Amprobe S2600-A Load Signal Generator is for use with the AT-2000-A Series Advances Wire Tracers. When connected to an energized circuit, the S2600A will rapidly turn itself on and off. This generates a slight, periodic current fluctuation that causes the power line to emit its own, trace-able signal. this signal can be detected all the way back to the main generator. However, the signal will not interfere with any sensitive electronic equipment and does not require power interruption. The Amprobe S2600-A is for use on 9 to 300 volts AC or DC circuits only.

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