Ametek - Jofra RTC-156 Series
Reference Temperature Calibrator

  • Patent pending DLC, Dynamic Load Compensation system, for perfect temperature uniformity in the insert
  • Unique intelligent sensors for plug’n’play connection
  • USB connector for communication
  • Easy-to-read color VGA display with perfect overview of the actual status
  • Intuitive, fast and user-friendly navigation
  • Lightweight and easy to carry around
  • New functional carrying case design
  • New multi-hole insert kits covering all the most used sensor sizes
  • High profile design and the well-known long lasting JOFRA quality.

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Product Information
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The JOFRA RTC-156 provides precision temperature calibration of sensors, whatever the type or format. This is accomplished through an innovative active dual-zone heating technology.

The JOFRA RTC156 features our well-known active dual-zone heating technology. Each heating zone is independently controlled for precision temperature calibration. The homogeneity in the lower part is close to that of a laboratory liquid bath. The lower zone ensures optimum heat dissipation throughout the entire calibration zone. The upper zone compensates for heat loss from the sensor-under-test and from the open top. This design also eliminates the need for extra insulation of sensors-under-test and makes it possible to calibrate liquid-filled and other mechanical sensors.

To bring well documented active dual-zone technology to an even higher level, the patent pending new DLC system was developed. This newly developed unique feature makes it possible to perform top calibration specifications without being affected by the actual load e.g. many sensors or very big sensors. A new DLC sensor, Dynamic Load Compensation sensor, has been specially developed for this purpose. The RTC calibrator features the active dual zone temperature control which improves the homogeneity in the well by adjusting the temperature in the top of the well to the same temperature as in the bottom. The dual zone keeps this difference at a minimum.

Another new RTC feature is the USB connection that facilitates easy communication with JOFRACAL. The USB connection also supports easy download of future firmware upgrades. The new USB connection provides fast and easy access to all laptops without the need of RS-232 to USB converters.

Two special multi-hole insert kits have been developed to comply with calibration of almost any sensor diameter with-out having to buy numerous inserts.

The RTC-156 calibrator has an increased heating and cooling speed compared to all other calibrators. Heating and cooling speed has been increased by up to 20%. The implication is savings in both production downtime and general calibration costs.

RTC-156 Specifications
Temperature range @ ambient temp. 0°C/32°F -46 to 155°C/-51 to 311°F
@ ambient temp. 23°C/73°F -30 to 155°C/-22 to 311°F
@ ambient temp. 40°C/104°F -15 to 155°C/ 5 to 311°F
Accuracy (model B & C)
with external STS ref. sensor
Accuracy with internal reference sensor
(A,B & C)
Stability ±0.005°C/±0.009°F
Radial homogeneity
(difference between holes)
Resolution (user-selectable) 1° or 0.1° or 0.01° or 0.001˚
Heating time -30 to 23°C/-22 to 73°F 4 minutes
23 to 155°C/73 to 311°F 15 minutes
Cooling time 155 to 100°C/311 to 212°F 4 minutes
100 to 23°C/212 to 73°F 8 minutes
23 to -24°C/73 to -11°F 15 minutes
-24 to -30°C/-11 to -22°F 10 minutes
Time to stability (approx.) 10 minutes
Immersion depth 160 mm/6.3 in
Ordering Guide
Model Product Description
RTC-156 Series, -30˚C to 155˚C (-22˚F to 311˚F)
Code Model Version
Basic model, without input
Full model, incl. DLC sensor input, Reference sensor input, Sensor-under-test input
Middle model, incl. DLC sensor input, Reference sensor input
Code Power supply (US deliveries 60 Hz only)
Code Mains Power Cable Type
European, 230V
UK, 240V
South Africa, 220V
Italy, 220V
Australia, 240V
Denmark, 230V
Switzerland, 220V
Israel, 230V
Code Insert Type and Size
No insert selected (standard)
1 x Undrilled Insert (Please see Insert selection for code)
1 x Single hole insert (Please see Insert selection for code)
1 x Multi hole insert (Please see Insert selection for code)
Set of 3 Imperial multi hole inserts. Covering holes from 1/8” to 1/2”
Set of 4 Metric multi hole inserts. Covering holes from 3mm to 13mm
Set of 9 Imperial inserts. Covering holes from 1/8” to 5/8”
Set of 14 Metric inserts. Covering holes from 3mm to 16mm
Code Dynamic Load Compensation (B & C models only, optional)
DLC sensor
Code STS Reference sensor (B & C models only, optional)
STS-102 Ref. sensor. Dia. 4mm. Length 30mm (STS102A030EH)
STS-200 Ref. sensor. Dia. 4mm. Length 161mm (STS200A915EH)
STS-200 Ref. sensor. Dia. 1/4”. Length 161mm (STS200B915EH)
Code Calibration Certificate
Traceable Calibration Certificate. (standard)
Accredited Calibration Certificate
Full EURAMET Calibration Certificate
Traceable System Calibration Certificate (B & C model only)
Accredited System Calibration Certificate (B & C model only)
Full EURAMET System Calibration Certificate (B & C model only)
Full EURAMET System Calibration Certificate with DLC (B & C model only)
Code Accessories
Solid Protective Carrying case with trolley
Support rod set
Solid Protective Carrying case with trolley & Support rod set
Sample Order Number
RTC156B230ASMDLCR2EACT - JOFRA RTC-156 B with 230VAC, EU power cord, set of metric inserts, DLC, STS-200 ref. sensor, full EA temp. calibration certificate, and carrying case with trolley.
Ordering Information
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RTC156  Reference Temperature Calibrator, -30˚C to 155˚C
(-22˚F to 311˚F)
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