Ametek T-900 Series
Pneumatic Pressure Hand Pumps

  • Vernier Allows Precise Adjustments
  • Tester is equipped with a 24-inch (60.95cm) rubber hose
  • The reference gauge is mounted on the body manifold with a swivel fitting for easy viewing
  • A vent valve is provided for quick and positive shut-off and pressure release
  • with 0.25 inch NPT connector for connecting to the instrument under test
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T-900 Series Shown
Product Information
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The Ametek T-960-KIT pneumatic pressure pump features an extended range vernier adjustment for precisely controlling pump pres-sure and comfortable pistol grip handle.

The Ametek Models T-970 and T-971 pneumatic pressure pump is similar to the T-960-KIT.

The Ametek Model T-975 pneumatic pressure pump features both vacuum and pressure generation. A button (valve) makes it easy to switch from vacuum to pressure measurements. Built-in release valve, vernier valve for fine adjustment and dual pressure output enable safe and simple operation. The unit offers both metric and imperial threads on the reference connection and the hose.
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