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Ametek T-740
Pneumatic Pressure Hand Pump
Replaced by: T-900 Series Pneumatic Pressure Hand Pumps

  • Vernier Allows Precise Adjustments
  • Tester is equipped with a 24-inch (60.95cm) rubber hose
  • The reference gauge is mounted on the body manifold with a swivel fitting for easy viewing
  • A vent valve is provided for quick and positive shut-off and pressure release
  • with 0.25 inch NPT connector for connecting to the instrument under test
Click here for a larger image of the T-740 Hydraulic Pneumatic Pressure Hand PumpClick here for a larger image of the T-740 Hydraulic Pneumatic Pressure Hand Pump
Ametek T-740 Shown

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Model T-740 pneumatic pressure pump features a rugged pneumatic pump capable of generating test pressures up to 200 psi (20.6 bar). Ideal for pressure instrument calibration, the Model T-730 can be hand-operated in the field or mounted on a test stand in the instrument shop. This pump features an extended range vernier adjustment for precisely controlling pump pressure and comfortable pistol grip handle.


Operating Pressure

T-741 0-60 PSI
T-742 0-100 Psi
T-743 0-200 Psi

Operating Pressure (Max)

15 bar / 200psi
Wetted Parts Aluminum, brass, stainless steel, steel, nylon and Nylantron®
O-Rings Buna-N
Test Medium Air
Test Connections hose 0.6 m / 20 in with 1/4” BSP and NPT female terminations
Net weight 1.11 kg / 2.452 lb
Ordering Information
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T741 Ametek T-741 Pnuematic Hand Pump Calibration Kit, 0-60 PSI Discontinued
See: T971
T742 Ametek T-742 Pnuematic Hand Pump Calibration Kit, 0-100 PSI Discontinued
T743 Ametek T-743 Pnuematic Hand Pump Calibration Kit, 0-200 PSI Discontinued
See: T970
Included Accessories
  • 1 - Gauge Tester
  • 1 - 24" Pressure Hose
  • 1 - 1/4" NPT Connections
  • 1 - BSP Adapter
  • 1 - Instructions
Optional Accessories
T747 Ametek T-747 Service Seal Kit for the T-740 Discontinued