Ametek APC500CBXXG
Advanced Pressure Calibrator, 0 to 500 psi (35 bar)

  • High accuracy - ±0.04% of reading ±0.01% F.S. with no low range degradation in accuracy
  • True field calibrator
  • Fully temperature compensated - same high accuracy in the lab and in the field
  • Transmitter scaling Calculation of % error of the device-undertest with user-defined scaling
  • Easy pressure switch test - Automatically records opening and closing point values on the display
  • Capture the min and max pressure readings for safety valve applications
  • More than 60 different pressure modules, accuracy up to 0.01% F.S.
  • Documentation made easy - RS232 communication and JOFRACAL calibration software are included in the standard delivery
Click here for larger image - Ametek APC500KGBXXG Advanced Pressure Calibrator, 0 to 500 psi (35 bar)Click here for larger image - Ametek APC500KGBXXG Advanced Pressure Calibrator, 0 to 500 psi (35 bar)
Ametek APC500CBXXG

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The APC500CBXXG are the latest in the new generation of AMETEK handheld pressure calibrators. This series was designed to meet high accuracy pressure calibration applications and to make your tasks easier. The APC500C BXXG offers features such as dual information display, 17 different pressure units, transmitter supply, scalable mA input for % error calculation, serial communications, and external pressure module capability. The accuracy of the APC500C-BXXG is deadweight caliber throughout the range and is temperature compensated for operation in controlled or in process applications. This is a truly superior pressure calibrator.

The APC500CBXXG series of pressure modules extends the application base for the APC calibrators by allowing for calibrations in ranges other than those of the indicator; and at a lower cost than purchasing another APC. The APC500CBXXG modules are also compatible with several other Ametek calibrators.

Calibration of the instrument may be performed locally without returning the APC500CBXXG unit to the manufacturer. Everything needed is an accurate pres-sure reference. If a factory calibration is require, the pump and indicator are independent and only the indicator needs to be returned.
This system includes the dual function pneumatic hand pump. With this pump you can calibrate both vacuum and pressure applications.

It takes just a few seconds to switch between vacuum and pressure, just push one button (valve) on the T-930 handpump.

The APC500CBXXG comes in an aluminum carrying case with cutouts for fittings, hose and the complete assembled calibration unit - no time required to assemble the unit every time.

The indicator and the pump are fitted with a special quick connector that makes it possible to separate the system in seconds without any tool. This quick connector also makes it possible to use the assembled system with the indicator twisted to any angle.


Clear dual line display Large digits display the pressure, icons show current status and mode, and the smaller digits show device-under-test conditions.
mA/% Save time and effort in calculating the error between the APC and the device-under-test by entering the pressure range corresponding to 4-20mA. This gives immediate read-out of the error in %.You can also read mA or % of 4-20mA in the display.
Electrical connections The APC indicator have inputs for mA readings for pressure switches and transmitters, including 24 VDC supply, and for external Ametek APM pressure modules.
ON / OFF Auto shut-off to extend battery life (user programmable).
Switch Type Perform semi-automatic pressure switch tests. The APC records the “close” and “open” pressure values and calculates the hysteresis (deadband). You change the pressure and the APC does the rest
MAX/MIN Reads the highest and lowest pressure value since you last reset the APC. Monitor a safety valve or look for pressure spikes in the process.
Pressure connections 1/8 in NPT female 15 bar (200 psi) and below.
1/8 in NPT male for 35 bar (500 psi) and above.
Units Easy access to 17 different pressure engineering units.
Serial interface Serial interface to communicate with a PC (terminal). Also used if adjustment of the unit is necessary.
Zero Keep the high accuracy: ZERO the instrument before every test.
JOFRACAL Calibration Software
The JOFRACAL calibration software ensures easy calibration of RTD´s, thermocouples, transmitters, thermoswitches, pressure gauges and pressure switches. JOFRACAL  can be used with Ametek DPC-500, APC, CPC and IPI pressure calibrators, all Ametek temperature calibrators, as well as Ametek AMC900, ASC300 multi signal calibrator and ASM-800 signal multi scanner.


Minimum Requirements:
  • Intel Pentium II 1.4 GHz Processor
  • 64MB Ram (128MB recommended)
  • Standard VGA (800x600, 256 colors). 1024x768 Recommended
  • CD-Rom Drive for installation of program
  • 1 or 2 free RS-232 serial ports, depending on configurations
Minimum Requirements:
  • Microsoft Windows 98, Microsoft Windows NT 4.0, Microsoft Windows 2000,
  • Microsoft Windows ME, Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista\
  • System fonts: MS Sans Serif, Arial
Calibration Software:   View PDF

JOFRACAL calibration software may also be used for manual calibrations, as it can be set up to accept manual entry of calibration data together with other liquid baths, ice points or dry-block heat sources. The calibration data collected may be stored on a PC for later recall or analysis. The ITC calibrator stores the calibration procedure and may be taken out to the process site without using a personal computer. Once all calibrations are completed, the data may be uploaded to the JOFRACAL  calibration software for post-processing and printing of certificates. The calibration data collected may be stored on the personal computer for later recall or analysis.

Ametek APM module
The Ametek APM external pressure modules extend the range of the Ametek APC500CBXXG. There are more than 60 models available with gauge, absolute, differential, and vacuum pressure references and in metric and imperial engineering units. The modules are engineered for in-plant, field, or laboratory use. They are ready-to-use with the Ametek APC500CBXXG and the protocol allows for immediate recognition and use of the module once plugged into the calibrator.

Mains specifications
Pressure range Bar vacuum to 35 bar
Psi 500 psi
Ranges Metric/Imperial
Detailed Indicator Pressure Ranges Chart >>
Engineering units (built-in) User selectable: 17 Units psi, inH2O@4°C, inH2 O@20°C, inH2 O@60°F, inHg@0°C, ftH2 O@4°C, ftH2O@20°C, ftH2O@60°F, bar, mbar, kPa, kg/cm 2, cmH 2O@4°C, cmH2O@20°C, mH2O@4°C, mH2 O@20°C, mmHg@0°C
Media compatibility Non-corrosive gasses and liquids
Input / output Min/Max Peak hold capture 50 milliseconds
mA range 0 to 24 mA
mA accuracy  ±0.015% rdg +2 µA
Transmitter supply 24 VDC
Switch test Supply max. 9 V
RS232 communication interface Connector Stereo Jack
Serial 0-5 VDC, 9600 baud, 8 data, no parity, 1 stop
Protocol ASCll command language
Pressure Connection Indicators 200 psi / 15 bar and below 1/8 in. NPT female
Indicators 500 psi / 35 bar and above 1/8” NPT male
Ordering Information
Model Description Buy Online Price
APC500CBXXG Ametek APC500CBXXG Advanced Pressure Calibrator, 0 to 500psi (35 bar) & Air based Hand Pump Discontinued
Included Accessories
  • 1 - Traceable calibration certificate (NIST)
  • 1 - With pressure and vacuum performance
  • 1 - 9V battery
  • 1 - Adapter to 1/4” NPT female from 1/8” NPT
  • 1 - Adapter to 1/4” BSP female from 1/8” NPT
  • 1 - Test leads: red and black
  • 1 - Connection cable for RS232
  • 1 - JOFRACAL  calibration software
  • 1 - Soft case and shoulder strap
  • 1 - User manual
  • 1 - Hand Pump
Optional Accessories
APM001BCSG Ametek APM001BCSG S Series Pressure Module ?1 Bar Combination Discontinued
APM001BGSG Ametek APM001BGSG S Series Pressure Module 1 Bar Gauge Discontinued
APM001BVSG Ametek APM001BVSG S Series Pressure Module -1 Bar Vacuum Discontinued
APM001PGSG Ametek APM001PGSG S Series Pressure Module 1 psi Gauge Discontinued
APM001PNSG Ametek APM001PNSG S Series Pressure Module 1 PSI Dry Gauge Discontinued
APM004BGSG Ametek APM004BGSG S Series Pressure Module 4 Bar Gauge Discontinued
APM005PDSG Ametek APM005PDSG S Series Pressure Module 5 PSI Differential Discontinued
APM005PGSG Ametek APM005PGSG S Series Pressure Module 5 psi Gauge Discontinued
APM005PNSG Ametek APM005PNSG S Series Pressure Module 5 PSI Dry Gauge Discontinued
APM006BGSG Ametek APM006BGSG S Series Pressure Module 6 Bar Gauge Discontinued
APM007BASG Ametek APM007BASG S Series Pressure Module 7 Bar Absolute Discontinued
APM007KGSG Ametek APM007KGSG S Series Pressure Module 7 kPa Gauge Discontinued
APM010BGSG Ametek APM010BGSG S Series Pressure Module 10 Bar Gauge Discontinued
APM015PAHG Ametek APM015PAHG H Series Advanced Pressure Module 15 PSI Absolute Discontinued
APM015PASG Ametek APM015PASG S Series Pressure Module 15 PSI Absolute Discontinued
APM015PGHG Ametek APM015PGHG H Series Advanced Pressure Module 15 PSI Gauge Discontinued
APM015PGSG Ametek APM015PGSG S Series Pressure Module 15 psi Gauge Discontinued
APM01KPAHG Ametek APM01KPAHG H Series Advanced Pressure Module 1000 PSI Absolute Discontinued
APM01KPGHG Ametek APM01KPGHG H Series Advanced Pressure Module 1000 PSI Gauge Discontinued
APM01KPGSG Ametek APM01KPGSG S Series Pressure Module 1000 psi Gauge Discontinued
APM021BGSG Ametek APM021BGSG S Series Pressure Module 21 Bar Gauge Discontinued
APM030PASG Ametek APM030PASG S Series Pressure Module 30 psi Absolute Discontinued
APM035KGSG Ametek APM035KGSG S Series Pressure Module 35 kPa Gauge Discontinued
APM03KPAHG Ametek APM03KPAHG H Series Advanced Pressure Module 1000 PSI Absolute Discontinued
APM040BGSG Ametek APM040BGSG S Series Pressure Module 40 Bar Gauge Discontinued
APM050PAHG Ametek APM050PAHG H Series Advanced Pressure Module 50 PSI Absolute Discontinued
APM050PGHG Ametek APM050PGHG H Series Advanced Pressure Module 50 PSI Gauge Discontinued
APM05KPGSG Ametek APM05KPGSG S Series Pressure Module 5000 psi Gauge Discontinued
APM060BGSG Ametek APM060BGSG S Series Pressure Module 60 Bar Gauge Discontinued
APM070KGSG Ametek APM070KGSG S Series Pressure Module 70 kPa Gauge Discontinued
APM100BGSG Ametek APM100BGSG S Series Pressure Module 100 Bar Gauge Discontinued
APM100PAHG Ametek APM100PAHG H Series Advanced Pressure Module 100 PSI Absolute Discontinued
APM100PDSG Ametek APM100PDSG S Series Pressure Module 100 PSI Differential Discontinued
APM100PGHG Ametek APM100PGHG H Series Advanced Pressure Module 100 PSI Gauge Discontinued
APM100PGSG Ametek APM100PGSG S Series Pressure Module 100 psi Gauge Discontinued
APM10KPGSG Ametek APM10KPGSG S Series Pressure Module 10000 psi Gauge Discontinued
APM160KGSG Ametek APM160KGSG S Series Pressure Module 160 kPa Gauge Discontinued
APM200KGSG Ametek APM200KGSG S Series Pressure Module 200 kPa Gauge Discontinued
APM200PCSG Ametek APM200PGSG S Series Pressure Module -15 to 200 PSI Combination Discontinued
APM200PGSG Ametek APM200PGSG S Series Pressure Module 200 psi Gauge Discontinued
APM250KGSG Ametek APM250KGSG S Series Pressure Module 250kPa Gauge Discontinued
APM350KGSG Ametek APM350KGSG S Series Pressure Module 350kPa Gauge Discontinued
APM400BGSG Ametek APM400BGSG S Series Pressure Module 400 Bar Gauge Discontinued
APM500PAHG Ametek APM500PAHG H Series Advanced Pressure Module 500 PSI Absolute Discontinued
APM500PGHG Ametek APM500PGHG H Series Advanced Pressure Module 500 PSI Gauge Discontinued
APM500PGSG Ametek APM500PGSG S Series Pressure Module 500 psi Gauge Discontinued
APM700BGSG Ametek APM700BGSG S Series Pressure Module 700 Bar Gauge Discontinued