Ametek Model T Hydraulic Deadweight Tester:
Single Column/Dual Piston/ Cylinder units

  • Pressure Range: 100 to 10,000 kPa (10 to 15,000 psi)
  • Accurate to 0.1% of Indicated Pressure
  • Repeatability: ±0.005% of Indicated reading
  • Available units: psi, kg/cm2, bar, kPa
  • Flexible configurations to meet differing applications; single column for field use/dual column for lab use
  • Robust construction allows for repeated daily use
  • Proven in design and application to meet your needs
  • Complete tester with tools, cases, and fittings
  • Traceable certification supplied with each tester
  • Accuracy ±0.025 and 0.100% is also available - Call for Pricing
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The Type T Hydraulic Deadweight Tester offers laboratory accuracy in an instrument that is designed to withstand an industrial environment. These testers are designed to be primary pressure standards and are available in several ranges and engineering units.

The Type T Deadweight tester is available in ranges to 1,000 bar (15,000 psi). This robust tester has been engineered to withstand the stresses of daily operation in a manufacturing environment and still maintain its accuracy and repeatability. The Type T is constructed of 300 series stainless steel and Monel and is supplied with Buna N O-rings as a standard unit. Viton and EPT O-rings are optional. This deadweight can use a water/alcohol mix or hydraulic oils for the pressure medium.

These instruments are available in ±0.100%, ±0.025%, and ±0.015% of reading. The accuracy stated is the over-all accuracy of the tester. The accuracy takes into account linearity, hysteresis, and repeatability. It would also account for intrinsic corrections. Site corrections are the user’s responsibility and the unit will not perform as speci-fied without them. The testers are manufactured to either International Standard Gravity of 9.80665 m/s2 or to a user specified local gravity.


Re-entrant piston / cylinders

The Type T deadweight employs a re-entrant type piston/cylinder assembly. This design applies test fluid to the outside and inside of the cylinder. Unlike a simple piston/cylinder, this configuration reduces clearance between the piston and cylinder as pressure increases. This reduces the rate of fluid leakage and increases float time, offers the technician more time for testing, and reduces the amount of pumping necessary to sustain the fluid loss.

Configurations There are two important factors in the selection of the proper deadweight configuration for your application: ranges and location. If you have applications for a single range of tests, then a single piston/cylinder model is a good choice.
However, if you have some high pressure and some low pressure testing, the Type T is available with dual piston/cylinder assemblies that are interchangeable and operate using the same weight set (±0.100% and ±0.025% accuracies) or utilize dedicated weight sets for each piston/cylinder assembly (±0.015% accuracy).
If you have the need to use the tester in a location other than a lab, you may need a smaller and more mobile con-figuration. The single column configuration will be your best selection. These are available with dual piston/cylinder assemblies.
For the applications where the tester will be stationary, the dual column configuration is a good choice for those needing multiple ranges. These are supplied with two piston/cylinder assemblies and both columns are installed and ready for use. A selector valve is used to determine which column is in service at any given time.
Worldwide engineering units The M&G Type T deadweight tester can be manufactured in four different engineering units: psi, bar, kgt/cm2, and kPa. All of the different engineering units are available in any of the configurations.
Pressure media Because the Type T is manufactured using 300 series stainless steel and Monel, you can use either hydraulic fluids compatible with the material or a water/alcohol mixture. We also offer EPT and Viton® o-rings as options. This increases your media options. Additionally, we offer an isolation membrane to protect your piston/cylinder assemblies from abrasive media. This facilitates the use of other fluids as process media but allows for the benefits of MGAAA oil within the column, which preserves your calibrated parts.
Overhung weight carriers Another feature of Type T deadweight tester is the way that the weights are positioned on the carrier. M&G utilizes an overhung weight carrier design. This design employs a tube carrier that is positioned over the column and onto the piston driver. The center of gravity for the stack of weights is lowered, reducing side thrust and friction; which lengthens the life of the piston/cylinder assembly. This also improves measurement accuracy.
Protected piston/cylinder The piston and cylinder assembly are enclosed in the col-umn of the tester. The weight carrier floats on the piston driver preventing damage to the piston/cylinder assembly. Additionally, the piston/cylinder assembly is engineered with positive over-pressure protection by restricting verti-cal movement. This protects the assembly from damage in the event of weight removal under pressure.
Dual volume pump The Type T pump offers a dual volume pumping feature that allows for large volume of fluid to be added at low pressures to fill the system and increase pressure rapidly. Once the system is filled, you can switch the output volume to a smaller volume. This eases pumping and also provides for finer control in higher pressure ranges. The reservoir is kept at atmospheric pressure meaning that you can also refill the tester during a calibration run.
Easy Leveling AMETEK floating ball testers incorporate a bulls-eye level for reference when preparing the unit for use. The tester also employs a 3-leg leveling system which is more convenient and is superior to a 4-leg system.
Small incremental weight sets AMETEK floating ball testers, such as the RK50 tester, incorporate multi-position ball valves for both the inlet and outlet valve connections. These ensure trouble free operation that is both fast and efficient.
Easy Leveling Small incremental weight sets are available to provide fractional output pressures. These are available for the Type T deadweight tester in psi, bar, kPa and kg/cm2.
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Hydraulic, piston gauge
Pressure Range to 100,000 kPa / 15,000 psi (depends on model)
Accuracy (12 months) to ±0.015% rdg
Engineering Units psi, kg/cm2, bar, kPa
Repeatability ±0.005% rdg
Increments  (low-min) 5 psi, 0.5 kg/cm2, 0.5 bar, 50 kPa
(high-min) 50 psi, 5 kg/cm2, 5 bar, 500 kPa0.5 psi, 0.025 kg/cm2, 25 mbar, 2.5 kPa
(small) Small incremental weight sets available
Gravity 9.80665 m/s2 (international standard) or Local gravity (specify when ordering)
Weight Sets Single or dual, depending on model
Piston/cylinders Single or dual, depending on model
Columns Single or dual, depending on model
Pressure Source Lever action, hand-actuated, dual volume hydraulic pump
Medium Distilled water/alcohol mix (standard) or AAA oil (optional) (specify when ordering)
Reservoir capacity 1.23 l / 75 in3
Wetting surfaces 300 series stainless steel, monel
O-rings Buna N (standard), EPT (optional), Viton (optional) (specify when ordering)
Test Connections 1/4” NPT and 1/2” NPT, 7/16 UNF- 1/4” BSP and 1/2” BSP (with metric models)
Weight Material Hard, non-magnetic alloy (imperial units), stainless steel ( ±0.015% imperial and metric models), aluminum (small incremental weight sets)
Specifications (by model)

Engineering Units


Range Area




psi 0.025% of reading 10 to 500 5 0.10 in2
100 to 5000 50 0.01 in2


psi 0.01% of reading 10 to 1,500 5 0.10 in2
100 to 15,000 50 0.01 in2


kg/cm2 0.01% of reading 1 to 70 0.5 0.10 in2
10 to 700 5 0.01 in2
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Ordering Information
Model Description Buy Online Price
6149P-025 Ametek T-50-1/C Hydraulic Deadweight Tester, 10-5000 PSI, 0.025% Accuracy Discontinued
6150P Ametek T-150/TESTER Hydraulic Deadweight Tester, 10-15000 PSI, 0.01% Accuracy Discontinued
6148P-KG Ametek TQD-700M Hydraulic Deadweight Tester, 1-700 kg/cm2, 0.1% Accuracy  Buy Now $9,556.00
Additional Accuracys Available - Call for Pricing
Included Accessories
  • 1 - Certificate of Calibration
  • 1 - Weights & Case
  • 1 - Tools
  • 1 - Instructions