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Altek 322
4-Type Multiple Thermocouple Calibrator

  • Calibrate All Your T/C Inputs
    Alarms, recorders, controllers and indicators with 0.1° resolution.
  • Built-In T/C Thermometer
    Connect the T/C and accurately read the temperature. Instantly recall the minimum and maximum temperatures at any time to check the process.
  • Unparalleled Accuracy
    422 & 322 ±(0.008% of reading + 0.006 mV).
    Accurate to ±0.2 °C/0.4 °F for types J, K, T, E, N, L & U.
    Accurate to ±0.7 °C/1.3 °F for types R, S, B, G, C, D & P.
    Millivolt range accurate to ±0.006 mV!
  • Quik-Chek Switch
    Instantly recall three output temperatures per type.
  • Automatic Cold Junction Compensation
    Miniature T/C connector and screw terminals on Models 422 and 322 for stable connections to exclusive Isothermal Block. 
  • Display Directly in °C & °F
    Model 322-1four types J, T, E, K & mV.
    Model 322-2four types B, R, S, K & mV.
    Optional Wire Kits with Miniature T/C Connector On One End
    Kit-1 types J, K, T, E.
    Kit-2 types B, R/S, K.

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Source and read T/C’s over the entire industrial temperature range with Altek’s Model 322 Thermocouple Calibrator. Use with transmitters, recorders, controllers, alarms, indicators, data acquisition and computer systems. Switch between four T/C types or millivolts.

High accuracy and stability is achieved through Altek’s exclusive isothermal block. Make your connections directly with thermocouple wire or with miniature thermocouple connectors.

Field customize the Model 322 to lock-in 0.1° or 1° resolution, fixed °F or °C or front panel selectable °F/°C operation. A shrouded miniature thermocouple connector receptacle plus terminal screws allow for easy hookups. Built in protection guards the Model 322 against mis-connection to 120 Volts AC or DC, in any mode.

The Model 322 turns on to the T/C type last used. Other T/C types may be selected each time the unit is turned on. Other T/C types may be selected each time the unit is turned on. If you always use just one T/C type, lock in the selected T/C type with the internal DIP switch to prevent accidental change to an unwanted type.

Select resolution of 0.1° or 1° for the full listed range of all thermocouple types. Millivolts allows 1 microvolt resolution from -99.999 to 99.999mV. The Model 322 simulates key temperatures for repetitive calibrations. "Quik-Chek" function stores three output temperatures for each T/C type (15 total) for real convenience. Three memories are retained for each thermocouple type even when the power is off.

Turn the knob to check trip points, controller action or hysteresis. The fast response 322 sets quickly without overshoot but allows slow changes at your rate.

The Model 322 display gives you fast, accurate temperature measurement with 0.1 and 1 degree or with 0.001 millivolt resolution. High resistance or open T/Cs and leads are detected and indicated on the LCD display. Two readings per second track fast moving temperatures.

"MAX" and "MIN" memories are continuously updated from turn-on or whenever the "RESET" pushbutton is pressed. The Model 322 gives you a handy tool to monitor temperatures for drift or control deviation. Just flip the "Quik-Chek" switch to display the minimum and maximum temperature since reset.

Each time the Model 322 is turned on, the LCD will display all segments for 1 second. It then displays the currently selected thermocouple type or mV for approximately 3 seconds. If °C/°F operation has been selected the currently selected temperature scale of °C or °F will display.
Ordering Information
Model Description Buy Online Price
322-1 Altek 322-1 J, K, T, E, and mV Multiple Thermocouple Calibrator  Discontinued
See: PIECAL 322-1
Included Accessories
  • 1 - Carrying Case
  • 1 - 9V Battery
  • 1 - Users Manual
Optional Accessories
093783 Altek 09-3783 Carrying Case W/Belt Loop Discontinued
WIREKIT-1 Altek WIREKIT-1 J,T,E,K Mini Plug To Pigtail Discontinued