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Altek 11
11 Step RTD Calibrator
See: PIE 510B Single Type, Ω/0.1° Resolution RTD Source Simulator or
PIE 511B 10 Type, Ω/0.1° Resolution RTD Source Simulator

  • Calibrate All Your RTD Inputs
    Transmitters, recorders, controllers and alarms using two-three-four-wire hook-ups. Works with all smart transmitters, multichannel recorders & DCS inputs!
  • Better Than a Decade Box
    Faster, easier and much less expensive.
  • Simulate Temperatures in °C or °F
    Choose from several standard ranges for any platinum 100 Ohms curve.
  • Models to Match Your Sensor
    Platinum 100 Ohm, Copper 10 ohm and Nickel 120 ohm
  • High Accuracy
    ±0.1°C/±0.2°F for all Pt curves.

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Altek Model 11 Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD) Simulators provide 11 precise temperatures for inputs to transmitters, recorders, controllers, alarms, data acquisition and computer systems. The Model 11 allows 2, 3 or 4 wire connections. Factory calibration includes compensation for the resistance of the built-in lead wires. Conformity to the particular RTD curve is in accordance with the latest standards for exact temperature simulation.

Simulate temperature into any instrument that measures a Pt 100 ohm RTD based on the worldwide DIN/IEC 751 standard curve with an alpha of 1.3850 (sometimes displayed as 0.00385 or 385). Resolution is 25, 50 or 100 degrees, corresponding to full scale output of 250, 500 and 1000 degrees respectively. Positive switch selection allows quick, easy settings for any output. Calibrated accuracy is ±0.1°C. The low cost Model 11 is a complete compact simulator for checkout and calibration of all RTD instruments in the field, shop or control room.
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Alternate RTD Source Calibrator:
PIE 510B Single Type RTD Source Simulator or
PIE 511B 10 Type RTD Source Simulator

Model Description Buy Online Price
11250C Altek 11-250C 11 Step RTD Calibrator 0 - 250°C (Celsius model) Discontinued
11250F Altek 11-250F 11 Step RTD Calibrator 0 - 250°F (Fahrenheit Model) Discontinued
11500C Altek 11-500C 11 Step RTD Calibrator 0 - 500°C (Celsius model) Discontinued
11500F Altek 11-500F 11 Step RTD Calibrator 0 - 500°F (Fahrenheit Model) Discontinued
111000F Altek 11-1000F 11 Step RTD Calibrator 0 - 1000°F (Fahrenheit Model)  Discontinued