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Altek C-41
Dry Contact Module, Discontinued

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Product Information
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  • Simulate Dry Contacts
    Solid state relay enables frequency calibrator to simulate opening & closing of contacts to over 5 kHz.
  • Read Dry Contacts
    Supplies excitation current to allow a frequency calibrator to measure an unpowered contact up to 2 kHz.
  • Filters Out Contact Bounce
    Adjustable circuit filters bounce from mechanical contacts for accurate readings.
Extend the usefulness of your Model 942 Frequency Calibrator to measure and simulate a wide variety of relays, mechanical pickups and other dry contact frequency devices.

Calibrate inputs to your flowmeters, totalizers, SCADA, telemetry systems, supervisory control systems and other frequency control devices using the Model 942 with the Model C-41 to simulate the remote sensor. Many of these systems provide an excitation current or voltage which the sensor interrupts to generate the frequency signal. Coupled with the Model 942 Frequency Calibrator, the Model C-41 simulates the contacts of these sensors to calibrate these devices from 1 Count-per-hour to 5 KHz.

Check all your relays, mechanical contacts, cam driven switches, photoconductive cells, and momentary contact switches. The Model C-41 supplies an excitation current which allows the Model 942 to read your dry contacts from 10 Counts-per hour up to 2 KHz. An adjustable filter on the Model C-41 combined with the trigger level adjustment of the Model 942 allow a wide variety of electronic and mechanical contacts to be measured.

Many mechanical contacts (relays, switches, etc.) bounce when they are closed. This causes a ringing effect on the waveform that is being generated. The Model C-41 has an adjustable circuit that filters this effect and allows the Model 942 Frequency Calibrator to measure the correct frequency.
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C41 Altek C-41 Dry Contact Module Discontinued