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Altek 942
Frequency Calibrator with Totalizer
See: PieCal 541

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  • Laboratory Accurate—
    ±0.001% of setting (10 PPM).

  • Six Real World Ranges—
    1 to 20000 Counts-Per-Hour (CPH), 0.1 to 2000.0 Counts-Per-Minute (CPM), 0.01 to 999.99 Hz, 0.001 to 99.999 kHz and 0.01 to 250.00 kHz.
  • Calibrate Totalizers—
    Output a selectable number of pulses over 1 to 99 minutes to verify totalizer readings. The calibrator automatically stops outputting when the selected number of pulses has been sent to the totalizer.
  • Count Pulses—
    Use as a timed totalizer to check flowmeter and integrator outputs. Built-in totalizer to 99999 counts with optional timed operation to 99 minutes up to maximum rate of 100 Hz.
  • Save Time—
    Calibrate flowmeters, frequency transmitters and integrators. Use CPH and CPM ranges to directly display extremely slow signals, eliminating waiting with stop watch and calculator.
  • Match Your Receiver's Input—
    Select from sine, zero crossing square or zero based square wave output. Adjustable amplitude from 50 mV to 12 V p-p.
  • Reads All Waveforms—
    From 40 mV to 240 V peak. Instantly recall the minimum and maximum frequency measured.
  • Quik-Chek Switch—
    Instantly recall 18 output frequencies (three for each range). Fast, easy adjustment with a multi-speed digital potentiometer.
  • Built-In Leads—
    Large alligator clips for easy connections. Optional BNC connector available.
  • Long Battery Life—
    Six AA alkaline batteries last over 40 hours.
Calibrate your turbine meters, frequency counters, vibration systems, tachometers, vortex shedders, integrators and any other frequency devices in the shop, plant or field. Measure from 0.01 Hz to 250.00 KHz with resolution down to 0.01Hz. For your slower signals, source or measure from 0.1 to 2000.0 counts per minute (CPM) or from 10 to 20000 counts per hour (CPH). Quickly indicate process signals, no more waiting around with stopwatch and calculator.

Use in the field to check the signals from your flowmeter pickups, velocity and motion detectors, Frequencies can be directly measured from 0.01 Hz to 250.00 KHz in four frequency ranges.

Measure extremely slow frequencies (less than 1 Hz) with high resolution using CPM & CPH. Instead of displaying 1/2 Hz as 0.5 Hz (1 digit of resolution) as most with frequency counters you can display it as 30.0 CPM (3 digits of resolution) or as 1800 CPH (4 digits of resolution). You can now measure these slow signals in seconds with the Model 942 instead of many minutes needed with a totalizer, stopwatch and calculator. Measure signals from 30 mV to 40 V peak-topeak with a minimum pulse width of 2 microseconds.

Select sine wave outputs to simulate vibration pickups, variable speed drives and square waves to simulate flowmeters and magnetic pickups. Any frequency from 0.01 Hz to 250.00 KHz can be sourced in four frequency ranges to calibrate tachometers, counters, data loggers, turbine meters and frequency transmitters. For low frequency applications such as positive displacement flowmeters, Watt-hour meters, slow rate integrators and assembly line counting, the Model 942 sources signals as low as 1 CPH (0.0002777 Hz). Amplitude is adjustable from 50 millivolts to 12 volts peak-to-peak.

Calibrate your totalizers & integrators faster and more accurately with the Model 942. Verify totalizer readings by outputting a number of pulses over1 to 99 minutes. The Model 942 will automatically stop when the selected number of pulses have been sent to the totalizer. This eliminates waiting several minutes with a stopwatch to try to catch the total.
Ordering Information
Model Description Buy Online Price
942 Altek 942 Frequency Calibrator/Totalizer, 0 - 250 kHz, 0.001% Accuracy Discontinued
See: PieCal 541
942BNC Altek 942-BNC Frequency Calibrator/Totalizer, 0 - 250 kHz, 0.001% BNC Connection Discontinued
See: PieCal 541
Included Accessories
  • 1 - 9V Alkaline battery
  • 1 - Instruction Manual
  • 1 - Carrying Case