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ACR TRS2 TrendReader Standard 2 Software
For SmartReader, SmartReader Plus, IAQ and Owl Data Loggers

  • Serial & USB Port Interface
  • Multi-graph display
  • Zooming Capabilities
  • Real-time Readings
  • Powerful, versatile and easy-to-use
  • Quick and simple downloads
  • Fast and easy logger setup
  • One-touch table views
  • Presentation-quality graphs
  • Export capabilities (TXT, BMP, PDF, JPG and CSV formats)
  • View multiple channels and multiple graphs

ACR TrendReader Standard 2

TrendReader 2 is a powerful, versatile, and easy-to-use graphing software package designed exclusively for ACR's SmartReader Plus, SmartReader, IAQ, Conservation, OWL, Nautilus, TRH and JR data loggers. Powerful features and easy setup enables logged data to be collected and thoroughly analyzed in seconds.
Useful for downloading and communicating with your data logger. Set up, download and view information from a single data logger with ACR's interface cable (included in software interface package). Connection is simple: plug the interface cable into the USB or serial port of your computer and connect the other end to the logger. No tools, cards or docking stations are required. To communicate from a modem or network of data loggers, see Network and Communication.
With built-in menus for sample rate and mode, start delay, equations and more, logger setup is fast and easy. In addition, equations are already included for all ACR sensors so you need only select the appropriate equation from the menu or customize your own equation. Real-time readings are displayed in the in the Setup window, allowing you to verify that your logger is working correctly before placing in the field.
With TrendReader 2, data can be viewed in table or graphical format. For presentation purposes, view data in graphical format or for a more detailed analysis, view data in table format. Either way, multiple channel of data can be displayed at once. Multiple graphs can be displayed at once and compounded to create new graphs. For added presentation power, add comments, change graph colors, zoom in on specific portions of data, and display your data using custom engineering units. Print or copy and paste graphs into your reports or presentations. Select all or portions of the table and copy and paste into your favorite Windows program.

Use the export function in TrendReader® 2 to export your data to other programs for further analysis and manipulation. Data can be exported in TXT, BMP, PDF, JPG and CSV formats.
Software and PC Requirements
Processor Pentium II-350MHz or Faster
Operating System Windows 2000 SP4, XP SP2
Available Hard drive space At Least 250 MB of Hard disk space
Memory 128 mb of Ram (256 MB Recommended)
Communication Ports USB or Serial Port, dependant on interface cable
Internet Browser Internet Explorer 6 or higher
Screen resolution 1024 x 768 or higher
Additional Equipment Mouse or other pointing device
Compatible Systems
Owl Series Data Loggers
 Single-Channel Ambient Temperature
Single-Channel Temperature (Thermistor)
Single Channel AC Current
Single Channel Process Signal (DC Voltage)
Single Channel Process Signal (4-20mA)
SmartReader Data Loggers
SmartReader 1
Two-Channel Temperature (Thermistor)
SmartReader 2
Four-Channel Temperature/Relative Humidity
SmartReader 3
Four Channel AC Current
SmartReader 4
Five Channel Pressure, Temperature/Relative Humidity
SmartReader 5
Three-Channel Temperature (Thermocouple)
SmartReader 6
Seven-Channel Temperature (Thermocouple)
SmartReader 7
Eight Channel Process Signal
SmartReader 8
Eight-Channel Temperature (Thermistor)
SmartReader 9
Three Channel Pulse
SmartReader Plus Data Loggers
SmartReader Plus 1
Two-Channel Temperature (Thermistor)
SmartReader Plus 2
Four-Channel Temperature/Relative Humidity
SmartReader Plus 3
Four Channel AC Current/Voltage
SmartReader Plus 4
Five Channel Pressure, Temperature, Relative Humidity
SmartReader Plus 5
Three-Channel Temperature (Thermocouple)
SmartReader Plus 6
Eight-Channel Temperature (Thermocouple)
SmartReader Plus 7
Eight Channel Process Signal
SmartReader Plus 8
Eight-Channel Temperature (Thermistor)
SmartReaderPlus 9
Two-Channel Pulse
SmartReader Plus 10
Four-Channel Temperature (RTD)
SmartReader Plus Low Pressure Data Loggers
SmartReader Plus 4 LPD
Two Channel Low Pressure Differential
Other Data Loggers
Temperature, Humidity and C02 Data Logging Solution
Ordering Information
Software CD
Model Description Buy Online Price
MFR ID: 01-0228 
ACR Systems TRS2-FULL INSTALL TrendReader 2 Full Install CD. (Latest version) Buy Now $109.00
TRS2UPGRADE  ACR Systems TRS2-UPGRADE TrendReader 2 Upgrade CD. (Requires a previous version of TrendReader Standard.) Discontinued
Software CD + Cable Packages
TRS2WIC101  ACR Systems TRS2-W/IC-101 TrendReader 2 Interface Package (IC-101) Software CD & Serial Port Interface cable for SR/SRP data loggers Discontinued
MFR ID: 01-0226 
ACR Systems TRS2-W/IC-102 TrendReader 2 Interface Package (IC-102) Software CD & USB Interface cable for SR & SRP data loggers Buy Now $189.00
MFR ID: 01-0227 
ACR Systems TRS2-W/LIC-101 TrendReader 2 Interface Pkg LIC-101 Software CD, Interface cable, 9-25 pin serial adaptor Discontinued
Included Accessories
  • 1 - Users guide
  • 1 -  Software CD