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Kaltman Creations IWXLIVE

PC-Based RF Command Center 9 KHz - 1.8 GHz by Kaltman Creations

Brand: Kaltman Creations
Our Model No: IWXLIVE
Condition: NEW
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Product Features:

  • Frequency range: 9 KHz-1.8 GHz
  • Level Range (typical): -130dbm to 0dbm
  • Filter Bandwidth: 1 KHz-50 MHz
  • 10PPM Frequency Stability
  • Accuracy (typical): +/- 3dB
  • PC Interfaces: USB Adapter 2.0
  • Audio Output: Line-level, Mini stereo plug
  • Antenna Interface: 50 Ohm SMA
  • Receiver DDS Based, Superheterodyne
  • 10 different control and alarm panels, dockable or screen floating
  • Visual and audible alarms for RF levels and rogue interference
  • Custom Marker Point naming and color coding
  • Tunable Indicator Sweep Bar for the Click to Listen (CTL) function
  • Zoom in and out of the RF spectrum with the Click and drag function
  • Unlimited levels of un-dos
  • PC Interfaces: USB Adapter 2.0


  • Concert touring
  • Industrial production
  • Security
  • Interference troubleshooting
  • In-ear monitoring
  • CCTV
  • Assisted listening
  • AV Integration
  • Lighting control
  • Event frequency coordination

The Aaronia IWxLIVE PC-Based RF Command Center 9 KHz-1.8 GHz

PC-based RF Spectrum Analyzer by Kaltman Creations

The next generation of the popular Invisible Waves analyzer forms a power RF Command Center to set-up, monitor and manage wireless microphones, in-ear monitors, intercom, remote control, security, and access control at live events right from a laptop or PC. Specifically designed for the professional audio and video industries.The IXwLIVE is the answer to today's heavily RF-congested environment, with revolutionary features designed to help avoid interference, monitor transmitters, and maintain exceptional wireless production quality, with minimal effort required. Covering the frequency range 9 KHz - 3.5 GHz, the IXwLIVE combines the precision of a full-featured professional RF Analyzer with the knowledge of a seasoned RF expert, to simplify complex wireless design and ensure that wireless production is never compromised.

Click to Listen Screenshot Image Click for larger image

Click to Listen Function

Click to Listen Function

This new, ground-breaking RF tool encompasses a whole arsenal of "World First" RF analysis, controlling, and monitoring features. The Click to Listen tuning bar to listens in to the transmitted audio or click on the related master status panel to monitor the audio signal.

Click for larger image Unidentified Frequency Object Screenshot Image

Unidentified Frequency Object Function

Unidentified Frequency Object Functions

The RF Analyzer UFO Alert ("Unidentified Frequency Object") flashes to indicate that an uncatalogued transmission has exceeded the assigned threshold level. UFO warnings appear in several places including the Spectral Trace View along with an audible alarm output.

Heatmap Display Screenshot Image Click for larger image

Heatmap Display

Heatmap Display View

RF Analyzer HeatMap View displays RF energy levels by color intensity over time. This view is great for long-term interference tracking and identification, displaying an at-a-glance view of intermittent high RF levels.

RF Coordinator Screenshot Image Click for larger image

RF Coordinator Display

RF Coordinator Display

The RF Coordinator will indicate all potentially open RF space within the Spectral Trace View and a printable master list, based upon the user specifications. The user settings include threshold level, allowable bandwidth, and the desired frequency spacing for each potential transmitter. Options include threshold line display, the open spacing between existing RF signals, and displaying potential transmitter assignments.

Cursor Position Function Screenshot Image Click for larger image

Cursor Position Function Display

Cursor Position Function Display

Cursor Position is an at-a-glance feature providing frequency and level readout of the exact cursor position on the Spectral Trace View. RF Congestion is a weighted scale indicating the severity of local RF, ideal for determining channel spacing. "Master Status Display Alarms" is a running list indicating all alarms such as low-level alerts and UFO's (for RF event recording applications, this list is recorded and is printable).

Spectral View Settings Display Screenshot Image Click for larger image

Spectral View Settings Display

Spectral View Settings Display

Spectral View Settings set the scaling (dynamic range from 0dbm to -130dbm), and Trace Selection. The Trace Selection includes green to display the current sweep, gray for a Shadow sweep (previous sweep for comparison), yellow for average sweep, and red for Max Hold sweep (accumulative / peak-hold).

Data Recording Screenshot Image Click for larger image

Data Recording

Data Recording

Log all RF activity including alerts and event alarms. Status indicators show elapsed recording time, file size, number of recorded sweeps, etc. Playback is similar to using a VTR with fast forward and reverse type functions, a timeline drag bar, and data position clock.

  • 1 - Broadband antenna
  • 1 - AC adaptor/charger
  • 1 - Broadband antennas
  • 1 - USB to PC connection cable
  • 1 - High-impact carrying case
  • 1 - USB with software and user manual
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