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Kaltman Creations HF-XFR PRO V5

Spectran V5 Outdoor RF Spectrum Analyzer Laptop 1 Hz - 20 GHz

Brand: Kaltman Creations
Model No: HF-XFR PRO V5
Our Model No: HFXFRPROV5
Condition: NEW
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Product Features:

  • Frequency range: 1 Hz - 20 GHz
  • DANL: -170dBm (1 Hz)
  • Real-Time Bandwidth: 80 MHz
  • Minimum Event Duration for 100% POI: 1µS
  • Maximum Power at RF Input (50Ohm): +20dBm
  • Average Noise Level: typ. -150dBm
  • Amplitude Accuracy: typ. +/- 1dB
  • RBW: 1 Hz to 40 MHz
  • VBW: 1 Hz to 40 MHz
  • Demodulator: AM, FM
  • Measurement Units: dBm, dBµV, V/m, A/m, W/m², dBµV/m, W/cm² etc
  • Detector: Min, Max, AVG, Peak, QPeak
  • Attenuator Range: 45dB (0.5 steps including pre-amp)
  • Traces: ACT, AVG, MAX, MIN
  • Reference Range: -200dBm to 100dBm
  • Measurement Modes: I/Q, Power/Frequency Data
  • Views: Spectrum, Persistence Spectrum, Spectogram/Waterfall, Histogram
  • Video RAM: 64MB
  • SDRAM: 256MB
  • ADC: 500MSPS 14Bit
  • GPS: Integrated
  • DSP: 600MHz
  • CPU: Intel Haswell i7-4600M
  • RAM: 8GB
  • HDD: 500GB, 7200RPM
  • OS: Windows
  • Interfaces: 10/100/1000 BASE-T Ethernet Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6200, 802.11 a/b/g/n, GPS Module + Tri-passthrough
  • Power Supply: Intelligent Li-ion battery with 8700 mAh
  • Display: 15.6″, full HD 1920 x 1080, Multi-touch screen, sunlight readable
  • Multi window feature supports several views at the same time
  • Dimensions: 257 x 353 x 56mm
  • Weight: 5kg
  • Scans 20 GHz in less than 20mS
  • POI below 1µS
  • Unlimited recording time (needs 4GB / min.)
  • Wide measuring range up to 20 GHz
  • Samplerate/second: > 5 million
  • 500 MSPS (14 Bit Dual 256MSPS I/Q)
  • Real-time capture bandwidth up to 160 MHz
  • Up to 8TB ultra-fast SSD recording storage
  • Extra large 15.6 in. widescreen display (Full HD, 1920x1080) with touch Screen, sunlight readable (800 Nits-QuadraClear)
  • Intel i7 with 8GB RAM, nVidia Power
  • Integrated GPS
  • Includes 3D real-time Spectrum monitoring and recording Software with gapless streaming and playback


  • Technical surveillance countermeasures (TSCM)
  • Security surveys for eavesdropping detection
  • Interference hunting
  • Radio monitoring and enforcement
  • Maintenance, installation and repair in the factory / field
  • VIP monitoring
  • Conference monitoring
  • EMC/EMI testing
  • Seeing weak signals masked by stronger ones
  • Discovery of rare, short duration events
  • Capturing spread-spectrum and frequency-hopping signals
  • Investigating misuse of the crowded RF spectrum

The Aaronia HFXFRPROV5 V5 Outdoor RF Spectrum Analyzer Laptop 1 Hz - 20 GHz is a portable real-time spectrum analyzer, specifically designed for use in harsh conditions such as in the pouring rain, extreme temperatures and extremely dusty and dirty environments. Ideal for military, aerospace, mining, construction, research and development. Designed to capture even the shortest signal transmissions, the Analyzer scans 20 GHz in less than 20mS, making it the world´s fastest counter-surveillance receiver. It measures the frequency range of 1 Hz - 20 GHz. With an unlimited recording time (needing only 4GB hard disk space per minute) the XFR V5 PRO allows storage of several hours of real-time data.

The XFR PRO V5 provides a powerful, extremely impact-resistant outdoor laptop and a high-end spectrum analyzer in one compact device. The XFR V5 PRO has been independently tested in accordance with MIL-STD-810G, IP65 and MIL-STD-461F.

The XFR Pro V5 offers a new generation of spectrum analyzer, with upgraded filtering processing technology. While most real time analyzers utilize FFT (Fast Fournier Transform) analysis, the XFR PRO V5 uses a patented method combining two stagger combs (produced by polyphase filter). This is superior to FFT analysis because the polyphase filter covers more than one interval of sample points, based on the number of frequency points. Filter Curves (for example, real Gauss Filter) can be applied without limitation of the slope due to predetermined intervals. Two temporary spatially-staggered filter combs are used, avoiding gaps in the frequency-time domain. This revolutionary technology allows the analyzer to pick up even the smallest signals within the applied frequency range.

  • 1 - Windows 7 Laptop in impact-resistant housing
  • 1 - Installed Model X-PRE Option internal 15db pre-amplifier
  • 1 - Installed Model HF1Hz low frequency extension
  • 1 - Model OmniLOG 70600 omnidirectional antenna (700MHz to 6GHz)
  • 1 - Installed Spectrum Analysis Software RTSA Suite and MCS
  • 1 - Installed rechargeable 8700mAh battery
  • 1 - AC Power Adapter/Charger
  • 1 - CD with user manual
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