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Kaltman Creations HF-8060

Spectran V5 Handheld RF Spectrum Analyzer 9 kHz - 6 GHz

Brand: Kaltman Creations
Model No: HF-8060
Our Model No: HF8060
Condition: NEW
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Product Features:

  • Frequency range: 9 kHz - 6 GHz
  • Real Time Bandwidth - 40 MHz
  • POI below 1μS
  • Real-time I/Q streaming via USB
  • 50 Ohm RF input (SMA)
  • Precision +/- 1.5dB (typ)
  • Sweep speed: up to 14 THz/s
  • DDS-synthesizers that offer up to 800 MSPS I/Q
  • Max. Power at RF input (50Ohm) +20dBm
  • Displayed Average Noise Level (internal pre-amp on) typ. 150 dBm/Hz
  • Color touchscreen display
  • Custom programmable hot keys
  • 8000 mAh internal LiPo battery
  • Views - Spectrum, Persistence Spectrum, Spectrogram/Waterfall, Histogram
  • RBW (resolution bandwidth) 1Hz to 40MHz
  • Detector - Min, Max, AVG, Peak, QPeak
  • Attenuation Range - 45dB (0.5dB steps incl. pre-amp)
  • Traces - ACT, AVG, MAX, MIN
  • Amplitude accuracy (typ.) +/- 1dB
  • Frequency reference accuracy 0.5ppm
  • Patented polyphase filter technology
  • Patented spectrum analysis (modulated LO)
  • Includes recording software RTSA Suite for gapless streaming and playback
  • Includes watertight, shockproof foam-lined carrying case

The Aaronia HF8060 Spectran V5 USB RF Spectrum Analyzer 9 kHz - 6 GHz measures the frequency range 9 kHz - 6 GHz. This product is engineered to reliably and effectively capture even the shortest or weakest of signal transmissions. The lightweight portability makes the HF-8060 an essential tool for interference hunting, field testing, and compliance testing as well. Included with this product is the world's fastest real time spectrum analyzer software, the RTSA Suite, software offering unparalleled features and functions both to field analysis work and bench top laboratory testing. Used in conjunction with the included PC software, the analyzer converts easily into a full-featured benchtop spectrum analyzer, perfect for laboratory / bench top use.

The HF 8060 offers upgraded filtering processing technology using a patented method combining two stagger combs (produced by polyphase filter). This is superior to FFT analysis because the polyphase filter covers more than one interval of sample points, based on the number of frequency points. Filter Curves (for example, real Gauss Filter) can be applied without limitation of the slope due to predetermined intervals. Two temporary spatially-staggered filter combs are used, avoiding gaps in the frequency-time domain. This revolutionary technology allows the analyzer to pick up even the smallest signals within the applied frequency range. The HF 8060 is equipped with DDS-synthesizers (in addition to the local oscillator modulation) that offer up to 800 MSPS I/Q, resulting in extremely fast frequency hopping of the LO. The HF 8060 allows for uninterrupted data logging, with continuous data streaming, gap-free saving, and no limitations on allowed time.

  • 1 - Model OmniLOG 70600 omnidirectional antenna (700 MHz to 6 GHz)
  • 1 - Internal 20dB Low-Noise Pre-Amplifier
  • 1 - Watertight and shock-proof transport case
  • 1 - USB stick with Spectrum Analysis Software RTSA Suite
  • 1 - Power Supply with international adapters
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OCXO .005PPM Aaronia OCXO .005PPM *Internal Option* 5ppb OCXO Timebase for HF-80120 Add to Cart


80MHz RTBW Aaronia 80MHz RTBW *Internal Option* Extension of Real-Time Bandwidth to 88 MHz for Models HF8060 Add to Cart


160MHz RTBW Aaronia 160MHz RTBW *Internal Option* Extension of Real-Time Bandwith to 160 MHz Add to Cart


DOCK V5 Aaronia DOCK V5 Docking Station with USB Connection Add to Cart


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PBS2-5 PA Aaronia PBS2-5 PA EMC Near-Field Probes Kit Add to Cart
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AA20ATTN Aaronia AA20ATTN 20dB SMA Attenuator Add to Cart
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AADCBLK Aaronia AADCBLK DC Blocker Add to Cart
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GPS1 Aaronia GPS1 GPS Logger with Six Sensors Add to Cart


LPN V5 Aaronia LPN V5 *Internal Option* Low Phase Noise Add to Cart


HF1Hz Aaronia HF1Hz *Internal Option* 1 Hz Low Frequency Extension Add to Cart

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40GHz Detect Aaronia 40GHz Detect *Internal Option* Detect Peak Power Meter, 40 GHz Add to Cart

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20GHz Detect Aaronia 20GHz Detect *Internal Option* Detect Peak Power Meter, 20 GHz Add to Cart


Track Gen V5 Aaronia Track Gen V5 *Internal Option* Tracking/I/Q Generator 23 MHz - 6 GHz Add to Cart


1-M CABLE Aaronia 1-M CABLE 1M Low-Loss SMA Cable Add to Cart
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5-M CABLE Aaronia 5-M CABLE 5M Low-Loss SMA Cable Add to Cart
Sale $140.60
10-M CABLE Aaronia 10-M CABLE 10M Low-Loss SMA Cable Add to Cart
Sale $182.16
CAL-HF Aaronia CAL-HF Calibration Certificate for Models HF Series Add to Cart
Sale $455.40
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