Aaronia Spectran NF-5010
1Hz to 1MHz EMF Low frequency NF-Spectrum-Analyzer

  • 1024 points BFT(FFT)
  • Frequency range: 1Hz to 1MHz
  • Typ. level range E-Field: 0,1V/m to 5kV/m
  • Typ. level range H-Field: 0,1nTto 100µT
  • Typ. precision: 3%
  • Superfast FFT spectrum analysis
  • High-performance DSP (Digital Signal Processor)
  • 3D magnetic field measurement
  • Frequency and signal strength display
  • High-resolution multi-function display
  • DIN/VDE 0848 Exposure limit calculation
  • Simultaneous M-Display X, Y, Z axes
  • True RMS signal strength measurement
  • Average (AVG) measurement
  • Internal data logger
  • Internet Flash Software-Updates
  • USB 2.0 Interface
Click here for a larger image - Aaronia Spectran NF-5010 1Hz to 1MHz EMF Low frequency NF-Spectrum-AnalyzerClick here for a larger image - Aaronia Spectran NF-5010 1Hz to 1MHz EMF Low frequency NF-Spectrum-Analyzer
Aaronia Spectran NF-5010
Product Information
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The Aaronia Spectran NF-5010 1Hz to 1MHz EMF Low frequency NF-Spectrum-Analyzer is used measurement of electric and magnetic fields. Find radiation sources in your surroundings with the NF5010, as well as find their respective frequencies and signal strengths, including direct display of exposure limits. This used to be impossible in this price category, professional units often costing several thousand dollars and being excessively complicated in handling. The highly complex calculations in spectrum analysis incl. exposure limit calculation is being performed, unnoticed in the background, by a high-performance DSP (digital signal processor).

Professional EMF measurement devices often use a frequency dependant measurement spectrum analysis. In a certain frequency range, the individuals signals and their respective strengths are being broken down, for example into a "bar graph" display. The height of the individual bars represents the corresponding signal strength. For the 3 strongest signal sources, SPECTRAN® can automatically displays the frequency and signal level, thanks to its "Auto Marker" feature. The user can also setup the filter width and the frequency range to be analyzed.

The Aaronia Spectran NF-5010 allows long-term recordings of measurement results over a freely adjustable period of time. This is particularly indispensable for serious evaluation of exposure by appliances and machinery which have a changing power consumption or radiation strength over time. Examples for these include railroads, power lines and plants, but also home appliances and their respective power cables, and various high-frequency transmission facilities like mobile phone transmission towers, mobile phones, radar etc. Depending on the time of day, considerable variation of exposure can occur. Without long-term recordings, massive misinterpretation of total exposure can occur. With long-term data logging using SPECTRAN, the daily variation of exposure can be recorded and analyzed. With this functionality, the user can even discover sporadic EMC problems which would otherwise be very hard to detect.

The Aaronia NiMH high-performance battery has been developed specifically for the Aaronia spectrum spectrum NF-5010 device and is optimally suited for their requirements. Thanks to NiMH technology, the dreaded "Memory effect" is now a thing of the past; maximum quality and long life have been Aaronia's primary goals when it comes to their line of products. Another reason why such a battery technology is necessary is the high power demand of the high-performance DSP used in all SPECTRAN units, especially in the RF versions, which furthermore include very demanding RF receiving circuitry.

Exposure limit calculation used to be a complex and awkward procedure due to a chaotic mixture of an abundance of different frequencies, modulations and signal strengths listed.
The indispensible, highly complex calculation of frequency-dependant exposure limits can only be performed conforming to standards by a spectrum analyzer with high-performance software. Not a problem for SPECTRAN® units: They can calculate even several authoritative exposure limits, precautionary limits and recommendations (simply selectable via a button) and display these as a practical bar graph display or convergence percentage display, while the measurement is running.

At the push of a button, the ICNIRP exposure limit has been chosen among the various available exposure limits. The Aaronia Spectran NF5010 automatically calculates convergence or excess of this limit. For achieving this, often thousands of complex calculations have to be performed per second, and a steady scan of the entire frequency range needs to be performed.
Functions Min Max
Frequency Range 1Hz 1MHz
Range Electrical field [V/m] 0.1 V/m 5.00 kHz
Range Magnetic field [Tesla] 1 nT 100µT
Range Magnetic field [Gauss] 10µG 1G
Range Analog input [Gauss] 2µV 200 mV
Filter Bandwidth 1 Hz 1MHz
Vector Power Measurement (1/Q) Included
True RMS Included
Accuracy Base Unit 3%
FFT (Resolution in points) 1024
Flash Memory Capabilities 64k
Internal Speaker Included
Audio Demodulation AM & FM
Ordering Information
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NF5010 Aaronia NF-5010 1Hz to 1MHz EMF Low frequency NF-Spectrum-Analyzer Please Call
Included accessories
  • 1 - Sturdy aluminum-design Carrying Case
  • 1 - 1300mAh power battery with charger
  • 1 - Operation manual
Optional accessories
Factory Installed Options
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180AAR Aaronia 180 Spectran HF Option 1: 1MB memory expansion Please Call
Accessories & Replacement Parts
243AAR Aaronia 243 Heavy Plastic Carrying Case PRO Please Call
253AAR Aaronia 253 2200mAh Replacement battery higher runtime with up to 50% Please Call
260AAR Aaronia 260 Car Power adapter for mobile use Please Call
280AAR Aaronia 280 Aaronia versatile handle with mini-tripod Functionality Please Call
281AAR Aaronia 281 Large Aluminum Tripod  Please Call
290AAR Aaronia 290 Aaronia Outdoor Rubber Protection Casing Please Call
771AAR Aaronia 771 1m Male/Male SMA-Cable Please Call
772AAR Aaronia 772 5M Male/Male Lowloss SMA-Cable Please Call
773AAR Aaronia 773 10 Male/Male Lowloss SMA-Cable Please Call
774AAR Aaronia 774 USB Cable for PC Connection  Please Call
784AAR Aaronia 784 Calibration Certificate for all Spectran Units Please Call
GEO10 Aaronia GEO10 4Hz - 1kHz Vibration sensor Please Call
GEO14 Aaronia GEO14 10Hz - 1kHz Vibration sensor Please Call