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AEMC 2118.76

10 A Spring Loaded Pistol Grip 20 ft Kelvin Probe

Brand: AEMC
Model No: 2118.76
Our Model No: 211876
Condition: NEW
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Product Features:

  • 10 A rated
  • 30 VAC/DC
  • Probe tip spacing; 3.5 mm for pistol grip, 8mm for pencil point
  • 20 ft cord length
  • Compatible with all Micro-Ohmmeters with banana jack or binding post inputs
  • Specifically compatible with AEMC models 6240 and 6250 or their equivalent
  • Ideal for use on clean surfaces
  • Safety guard helps prevent hands from slipping into measurement area
  • Good for applications in:
    • Resistance measurements on armatures and small transformers
    • Component measurement
    • Electrical cable resistance measurement
    • Mechanical bond tests
    • Wire to terminal connections
    • Aircraft and rail bonds

The AEMC 211876 is a 10 A Spring Loaded Pistol Grip Kelvin Probes that can be used with any micro-ohmmeter that has binding posts from 4mm to 6mm in diameter or safety terminals 4mm in diameter. The AEMC 211876 test probe is useful for very accurately measuring a low resistance, and the AEMC 211875 Pistol Grip probe ensure good contact at the measurement point, even if the surface is uneven and is better for uses in more confined spaces. Measurements are made in 4-wire mode, making lead resistance compensation unnecessary.

Data Sheet: PDF Document Icon (1.34 MB)
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