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AEMC 2118.77

10 A Rotating Spring Loaded Pencil Point 10 ft Kelvin Probe

Brand: AEMC
Model No: 2118.77
Our Model No: 211877
Condition: NEW
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Sale $540.55

Product Features:

  • 10 A rated
  • 30 VAC/DC
  • Probe tip spacing; 3.5 mm for pistol grip, 8mm for pencil point
  • 10 ft cord length
  • Compatible with all Micro-Ohmmeters with banana jack or binding post inputs
  • Specifically compatible with AEMC models 6240 and 6250 or their equivalent
  • Good for use on both clean and oxidized surfaces
  • Safety guard helps prevent hands from slipping into measurement area
  • Good for applications in:
    • Resistance measurements on armatures and small transformers
    • Component measurement
    • Electrical cable resistance measurement
    • Mechanical bond tests
    • Wire to terminal connections
    • Aircraft and rail bonds

The AEMC 211877 10 A Rotating Spring Loaded Pencil Point Kelvin Probes can be used with any micro-ohmmeter that has binding posts from 4mm to 6mm in diameter or safety terminals 4mm in diameter. The test probe is useful for very accurately measuring a low resistance, and the AEMC 211877 Pencil Point probe improves contact by removing a thin layer of rust, paint, or dirt. When the user presses on the probes, they rotate as they retract. Measurements are made in 4-wire mode, making lead resistance compensation unnecessary. The AEMC 211877 probe is thicker, allowing for more "rugged" usage.

Data Sheet: PDF Document Icon (1.34 MB)
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