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Line Splitter

Brand: AEMC
Model No: ALS-1
MPN: 2121.05
Our Model No: ALS1
Condition: NEW
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Sale $14.20

Product Features:

  • Avoids splitting lines, makes reading current easy
  • Increases sensitivity of clamp-on probes and clamp-on meters ten times in X10 mode
  • Direct reading X1 mode
  • Voltmeter input jacks
  • Integral ground conductor
  • 120V, 15A capacity

The AC Line Splitter Model ALS-1 increases the sensitivity of clamp-on current probes and clamp-on meters. Avoiding splitting lines makes reading current easy. Simply plug the ALS-1 into a connector for a safe measurement. Direct readings are available. Voltmeter input jacks. Integral ground conductor. 120V, 15A capacity. There are two clamp positions. Direct reading in X1 mode and user is able to avoid splitting lines which provide for Enables user of a clamp meter to measure AC current on a 2-wire or 3-wire power cord to 15 Amps. When user plugs the power connector (2-prong or 3-prong) into the line separator, the hot/live conductor is separated from the neutral (and ground). User then simply clamps onto the Line Separator for an easy and safe measurement of current without the need to cut off the plug and separate the conductors. Two clamp positions: x1 for direct readings; x10 for actual reading multiplied by 10. Also features voltage check function.

Data Sheet: PDF Document Icon (63 KB)
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