AEMC Current Measurement Probes

Artificial Neutral

The Artificial Neutral generates a momentary grounded artificial neutral to allow the measurement of fault currents on ungrounded three-phase systems. It is grounded intermittently through a relay driven by an internal electronic timer. This periodic grounding technique performs three functions limits the possibility of insulation faults within the instrument, allows for better discrimination of actual fault current and limits instrument overheating.

DC/AC Microprobes

The K Series MicroProbes have an exceptional DC/AC current measurement capability. Very small and compact, these microprobes are designed for accurate measurements of very low currents with 50µADC sensitivity. The K Series probes are excellent companions to all DMMs and instruments that will benefit from the probe's high sensitivity, dynamic range and waveform displaying characteristics.

Flexible Current Probes

Flexible current probes are designed to take measurements where standard clamp-ons cannot: in tight breaker panels, around large buss bars, around cable bundles, and even wrapped around irregular shapes. The flexible sensor has an output for direct readings on DMMs, Loggers, Oscilloscopes, and Power Quality Instruments. For enhanced safety, we designed a Shape Memory feature to pre-shape the sensor which eliminates the need to reach around a live conductor.

General Purpose Probes

AEMC manufactures the most complete line of current probes in the world. Whether you need to measure from a few µA to several thousand Amps, we have the probe you need. Our probes are designed to work in tight places and to clamp around large bus bars. We offer a variety of output options and terminations for recorders, data loggers, oscilloscopes, DMMs and other instruments.

Oscilloscopes/BNC Terminated Probes

Oscilloscope current probes expand oscilloscope applications in industrial or power measurement environments, and are ideal for analysis and measurement of distorted current waveforms and harmonics. These current probes permit accurate display and measurement of current without breaking into the circuit under test. Connections are made directly to your oscilloscope through an insulated coaxial cable with an insulated BNC for enhanced user safety.