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  • Instek GOM-804 DC Milliohm Meter, 50 mOhm - 5 MOhm, RS-232C & USB Interfaces, Handler/Scan/EXT I/O

    Instek GOM-804
    DC Milliohm Meter


  • BK Precision 1902B Programmable DC Switching Power Supply 60V, 5A, 900W, and 15A Output

    BK Precision 1902B
    DC Power Supply

    Sale $544.95
    (Reg. $645.00)

  • TED Depot Deal MIT525-DCM340EN-DD 5 kV DC Insulation Resistance Tester, Free Clamp Meter

    Megger MIT525 Depot Deal
    Insulation Tester Kit

    See Price In Cart

  • Fluke 279 FC TRMS Wireless Thermal Imaging Multimeter

    Fluke 279 FC
    Thermal Imaging Multimeter

    Sale $899.99
    (Reg. $999.99)

  • Fluke 123B/NA 20 MHz 2 Ch, 40 MS/s Industrial Scopemeter, Hand-Held Oscilloscope

    Fluke 123B/NA
    20 MHz Scopemeter


  • GE Druck DPI 620/G
    Pressure Calibrator


  • Fluke 437-II Series II 400 Hz Three-Phase Power Quality and Energy Analyzer

    Fluke 437-II
    Power Quality Analyzer


  • Megger MIT1025 10-kV Insulation Resistance Tester

    Megger MIT1025
    Insulation Tester

    See Price In Cart

  • Onset UX100-003 HOBO Temperature/3.5% Relative Humidity (RH) Data Logger

    Onset UX100-003
    Temp/RH Data Logger


  • Fluke 1587 FC Insulation Multimeter - Insulation Tester and DMM with Fluke Connect Wireless

    Fluke 1587 FC
    Insulation Multimeter

    Sale $719.99
    (Reg. $799.99)

  • BK Precision 9801 150V/3A, 300V/1.5A Programmable AC Power Source

    BK Precision 9801
    AC Power Source

    Sale $1,684.95
    (Reg. $1,995.00)

  • TIF TIF8800X Combustible Gas Leak Detector

    TIF TIF8800X
    Leak Detector

    Sale $175.95
    (Reg. $231.39)

  • Amprobe AT-7030 Advanced Wire Tracer Kit with Smart Sensor and LCD Display

    Amprobe AT-7030
    Wire Tracer Kit

    Sale $1,444.05
    (Reg. $1,899.95)

  • Instek GPD-4303S 200W 4-CH Programmable Linear DC Power Supply

    Instek GPD-4303S
    DC Power Supply

    Sale $480.00
    (Reg. $570.00)

  • Instek GPD-4303S 
200W 4-CH Programmable Linear DC Power Supply

    Testo 810
    IR/NTC Thermometer

    Sale $79.20
    (Reg. $88.00)

  • Protimeter BLD2000
    Mini Moisture Meter

    Sale $175.07
    (Reg. $205.00)