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  • Instek GPT-9804 Electrical Safety/Withstanding Voltage/Insulation Resistance/Ground Bond, 200V AC/DC

    Instek GPT-9804

    Sale $2,587.86
    (Reg. $2,875.40)

  • Flir C3 Compact Thermal Imaging System with Wi-Fi and MSX Real-Time Image Enhancement

    FLIR C3
    Compact Thermal Imager


  • Extech AN510 CMM/CFM 4-in-1 Anemometer, with Type K Temperature Bead Probe

    Extech AN510
    4-in-1 Anemometer

    Sale $106.95
    (Reg. $149.99)

  • Fluke 1587 FC True-RMS Megohmmeter/Insulation Resistance Tester and Multimeter with Fluke Connect

    Fluke 1587 FC
    Insulation Multimeter

    Sale $645.40
    (Reg. $799.99)

  • Fluke 123B/NA 20 MHz, 2-Channel, 40 MS/s Industrial ScopeMeter Hand-Held Oscilloscope

    Fluke 123B/NA
    20 MHz Scopemeter


  • GE Druck DPI 620/G Genii Series Advanced Modular Calibrator with HART Communicator

    GE Druck DPI620G
    Pressure Calibrator


  • Fluke 437-II Three-Phase Power Quality and Energy Analyzer with iFlex Probes, 400 Hz

    Fluke 437-II
    Power Quality Analyzer


  • Megger MIT1025 10 kV Diagnostic DC Insulation Resistance Tester

    Megger MIT1025
    Insulation Tester

    See Price In Cart

  • Onset UX100-003 HOBO Temperature/3.5% Relative Humidity (RH) Data Logger

    Onset UX100-003
    Temp/RH Data Logger


  • Extech RHT510 Hygro-Thermometer Psychrometer measures Relative Humidity, Temp, Dew Point, & Wet Bulb

    Extech RHT510

    Sale $88.95
    (Reg. $119.99)

  • FLIR T540-24 Thermal Imaging Camera with MSX, UltraMax, 24° Lens, 464 x 348, -4 to 2732°F, 30 Hz

    FLIR T540-24
    Thermal Imaging Camera


  • Robinair TIF8800X Combustible Gas Leak Detector

    TIF TIF8800X
    Leak Detector

    Sale $210.09
    (Reg. $238.61)

  • Amprobe AT-7030 0-600 V Advanced Wire Tracer Kit with Smart Sensor, Display and Battery Pack

    Amprobe AT-7030 KIT
    Wire Tracer Kit

    Sale $1,443.95
    (Reg. $1,899.95)

  • Instek LCR-6100 Compact LCR Meter, 10 Hz - 100 kHz

    Instek LCR-6100
    Compact LCR Meter


  • Testo 810 (0560 0810) 2-Channel Infrared and NTC Air Thermometer

    Testo 810
    IR/NTC Thermometer

    Sale $79.90
    (Reg. $94.00)

  • Protimeter BLD2000 Mini Moisture Meter

    Protimeter BLD2000
    Mini Moisture Meter

    Sale $188.19
    (Reg. $209.10)